• Cmon Get it On
    High energy dance, prominent bass line and lead riffs plus male vocal with spoken lyric delivery.

  • Design
    Electronic funk, strong bassline, organ chords, dramatic feel.

  • Destination Unknown
    Fast tempo electronic disco funk.

  • Dream
    Folk-like, soft, with recorder melody, minimal instrumentation and female ‘la la’ vocals.

  • Elevation
    Funky mid-tempo instrumental with hip hop beat and bass / brass melody.

  • Festive Feast
    Slow blues, with vocal "ba da da da daa" riff and horn interjections, steady handclap rhythm

  • Good Vibes
    Mid-tempo chilled electronica instrumental with acoustic guitar solo.

  • If It Moves Uke It
    Up-beat, light, ukulele / guitar / violin / & vocal ‘oohs’ instrumental, based around 12-bar blues with added static for an old-school feel.

  • If You Wanna...
    Mid-tempo 4-to-the-floor dance track remix with female vocal sample and strong bass line.

  • I See Girls (Crazy)
    High tempo dance (including verse / bridge /chorus sections) with prominent bass riff and rapped male vocals.

  • Let The Music
    Mid-tempo electro-disco-pop with male vocoder vocal line.

  • Leviticus Bass
    Big-beat mid-tempo instrumental featuring heavy percussion, quirky distorted bass line, record scratching and organ.

  • Lewis' Dream (instrumental)
    Multitracked plucked and bowed light but catchy violin composition (see also vocal version).

  • Prelude
    Ambient pop with female vocal line. Down-tempo.

  • Sexy Creature
    60s surf rock style up-tempo instrumental. Guitar solo until drums enter around 1min.

  • Stir Fry
    Acoustic guitar and glock ditty

  • The Birds And The Bees
    Playful up-tempo 1920s style banjo riff plus male vocal (with harmonies) added to modern 4-to-the-floor beat and horn section backing.

  • Twins
    Funky mid-tempo instrumental groove with guitar melody and syncopated bass line.


  • Bad Day
    Upbeat quirky acoustic guitar and minimal percussion hooky riff, building to crescendo.

  • Bite Me
    Full rock band instrumentation, catchy heavy rock riff, double kick drum included!

  • Car Rock
    Pacey soft rock, full rock band instrumentation, blues guitar riffs and solos throughout.

  • Drum Kit
    Mid-tempo indie rock, drum solos and guitar riffs.

  • Feeling The Love
    Mid-tempo soft rock, male vocal, build up to heavier chorus with full band instrumentation (guitars/bass/drums).

  • Finding Your Feet
    Simple riff-driven speedy guitar rock with whistled riff.

  • Let Me Hear You Shout
    High energy heavy rock with a dark edge, male vocal.

  • Lift
    Quirky riff-driven pop-rock instrumental, guitar based.

  • Pop Weasel
    Distorted electric guitar solo rework of "Pop Goes The Weasel"

  • Treehouse
    Uptempo indie rock.

  • Yankee Dandy
    Distorted electric guitar solo rework of "Yankee Doodle Dandy".


  • Aquarium
    Full orchestral emotive filmic-sounding score, tuned percussion-lead, recorded at Abbey Road studios.

  • Classical
    Electronic beat with horn riff, action film style.

  • Cruise
    Ambient electro instrumental with a prominent bass line and drum beat plus wordless vocal samples.

  • Entangled
    Down-tempo, lo-fi, ambient beat- and bass-driven instrumental.

  • Favourite Outfit
    Uptempo rockabilly 12 bar blues, action film-esque.

  • Global Freezing
    Dramatic orchestral swashbuckle.

  • Legend
    Epic, dramatic classical full-orchestral instrumental.

  • Quest
    Full-orchestral instrumental with suspense and drama.

  • Spaghetti
    Short but dramatic orchestral western style snippet

  • Systems
    Dark atmospheric electronic ambient sound design, no beat or vocals.

  • The Last Wah
    Waltz style lounge jazz with added 'wah'.

  • Twilight Fox
    Ambient soundscape.

  • Vice Theme
    Sinister, slow-moving bass-led instrumental with string bursts and slides.


  • Brushing Family
    Slow orchestral tango, with prominent flute and clarinet riffs leading the orchestra throughout.

  • Check
    Minimal acoustic instrumentation with loungy feel.

  • Flavours
    Delicate comtemporary glockenspiel waltz wth repeating riff.

  • Have Mine
    Quirky operatic number beginning with flute solo before female vocal enters with Italian lyrics.

  • Midsummer
    Full orchestral re-arrangement of Mendelssohn Midsummer Night's Dream.

  • Morning Has Broken
    Slow and calming string arrangement of the traditional song.

  • Ouch
    6/8 chromatic piano piece in minor key, comedic against the right visuals!

  • Poor Pietro
    Female vocal features in down-tempo operatic setting.

  • Prelude 2
    Melancholic yet lively piano melody with string backing.

  • Prelude 3
    Dramatic and melancholic piano solo with a wistful feel.

  • Runner
    Slow arpeggiated piano solo with string accompaniment (plucked bass and bowed violin).

  • Sign
    Orchestral backing with female choir, operatic style.

  • Wet Whistle
    Music shifts between oom-pah brass backing with whistling theme, and slow lounge organ- and bass-driven jazz with electronic sound effect punctuation.


  • Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around
    Soulful remake of the traditional gospel song. Female vocal lead with acoustic backing band.

  • All The Animals
    Up-tempo electronic country, featuring quirky male vocal refrain and short guitar solos.

  • Angel Eyes
    Mid-tempo light pop featuring acoustic guitar and soft male vocals.

  • Chick Chick Boom Boom
    Quirky down-tempo jazz with soft, laid-back female vocal refrain.

  • Lewis' Dream (vocal version)
    Multitracked plucked and bowed light but catchy violin composition with added floaty male vocals (see also instrumental version).

  • Mymo
    Catchy mid-tempo percussion- and guitar-based indie rock backdrop to male vocal rap.

  • Under The Tree
    Christmas-themed mid-tempo pop song with mixed vocals and sleigh / church bells, standard band backing (guitar / bass/ drums).

  • You Can't Help What You Fall In Love With
    Humorous RnB pop addressing the perils of canine infactuation.



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